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Jawbone's fitness trackers are being pulled from online stores in the UK

Jawbone wearables get pulled from UK stores Jawbone's fitness trackers are being pulled from online stores in the UK Investigation into complaints about service issues sees the UPs getting taken down Amazon and Selfridges have agreed to stop selling Jawbone fitness trackers after an investigation by Which? revealed the company's products were receiving a whole lot of complaints. The former Fitbit rival was liquidated in 2017 with Jawbone Health set to rise from its ashes. The company put together a (poorly communicated) transition plan to ensure owners of its trackers could at least still make use of them. Read this: What we know about Jawbone Health That plan included moving the Jawbone UP service over to Health and the last phase of that transition was set to be completed at the back end of May . But Jawbone users have been complaining about not being able to sync their devices to UP since then. Which? says that the companion app for Jawbone's trackers has been out of action for four weeks and unsurprisingly, users have taken to social media to vent their anger about the situation with many complaining about the inability to log into their accounts or view recent activity data. The publication that helps protects consumer rights contacted Amazon, Groupon and Selfridges to make them aware of the ongoing issues and requested they remove Jawbone products from sale. All three retailers have agreed to stop selling the wearables from their online stores.

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